Seer Engine: A conceptual search engine that sees.

We have an index bin with all the indexed pages. Every search brings up closely related results chosen randomly from the bin. We are location aware and we will look for matching results close to users location and beyond randomly. There is no ranking for the main index. Extra filters are available to choose from before and after doing a search to get user desired results like sorting based on select parameters etc. Businesses that bid and pay will have a block displaying paid results(pay big, rank high) on top of the regular results page. Paid results are not PPC ads etc, they are paid business listings that rank high based on bid amounts. Seer Engine is a hybrid utilizing the power of cloud and peer to peer resource sharing. Peers who share their power will be compensated in form of credits(for paid listings or perks/cash unrelated to seer engine). We will not judge go out and decide this is right or wrong, it is for Users to decide what is good and bad for them, not our choice. Obscene and sick stuff that almost all of us frown upon, seer engine will not see this stuff. We will not index sick stuff, if we do by  mistake our filters will filter this junk out automatically based on public word lists. Seer Engine is context aware, it understands language like a human being(well try to) and gets rid of JUNK that you will never see on SEER.

This basic premise will never change in future! All feature requests within the premise of this basic premise will all be handled in a democratic way. Only users are entitled to request and our professional team comprised of Intellectuals from all walks of life will moderate and implement the popular requests. They are not-self proclaimed, they are the ones who won lot of public accolades in their life. Being opportunistic is in our blood, making use of the opportunity in a just way is our MOTTO. We believe service and value comes first. If a business has to compromise with quality of service to be profitable, then the business is a failure.

This is a concept in development that I just made public without any hesitation, as I do not believe that today’s bureaucracy is in a position to address the needs of all budding entrepreneurs, who are all capable of doing wonderful things that can make a difference with all the available technology. For us Patents and Trademarks are irrelevant for now and in foreseeable future as we do not intend to patent and trademark our ideas and or concepts. We believe disabling someone with the same ideas as we registered the Patent or Trademark first is just not just at this time. I think we all should now understand that in this day and age, it is not the businesses alone that are resourceful. Every curious seeker is resourceful now. We cannot own Ideas and concepts anymore realistically. Trying to enforce the Patents and Trademarks will only increase public resistance as they are not the way forward like how they are structured now, I am sure some restructuring is vital.

Last but not least, steal this idea and make a beautiful search engine that just rocks the socks! if you are able and resourceful. It is not harmful to me because no matter anyone implements or not, I at my will and as my resources permit will implement SEER. We need diversity, we need solid alternatives, this is the way we are!

If you cannot dare, you have no right to dream. Have a good day/night.

PS: Budding entrepreneurs fearlessly think, execute and improve it, if you see an opportunity.

Nanda Ravi.

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