Trying to make sense out of Information Overload and Chaos

Hello and Welcome. I am Nanda Ravi, founder of  Bharat Internet. This is my first blog post and I want to briefly talk about what I am trying to accomplish here. This is just a beginning and there is lots to do.

Bharat Internet is all about organizing and providing useful information to people.  Yes The Internet is a big world in it’s own right and getting what we want out of it is a very difficult task. I will not go into reasons questioning why and how. People have choices to make and all this difficulty is the result of choices. It’s all about Choices we make and right choices yield good results. Good or Bad choices depend on one’s own perspective and is very subjective. Let’s not go into this as well.

There are several businesses and people doing what I am trying to accomplish with Bharat Internet. Bharat Internet is a different approach to address the same problem. When it comes to organizing information it is never enough.

My approach of having many instead of one or few when it comes to Generic Domains is also a choice. When I am thinking of Bharat Internet I am not thinking one business or few of them. I am thinking Unlimited! not to be a “Jack of all Trades and Master of None”, this is not the idea it is not about “World Domination” either. This is all about creating Opportunities to the deserving people who are looking to do something “Outside the Box” online and creating opportunity for myself.  This is about “Crowd Sourcing” and “People Power”, there are many Masters and Gurus out there who are looking for Opportunities and Stepping Stones. Bharat Internet as a Conglomerate will work with these talented people and manage the day to day operations and platform.

Incubating projects through our Developer Partnership Program and giving them much needed exposure without spending a fortune, we are trying to survive here not in this to make Fortunes(if this is a side effect, then it’s a welcomed one!). With its highly targeted portfolio of Generic Domains comes the scope and reach creating strong footprint in the Indian Web space.  We are in the process of developing a network of information websites in house as a base to build upon. This is vital in my view to get a Lift off, one approach and choice. Cost control is important when it comes to promotion, marketing and publicity; these cost a lot and I want to completely eliminate the dependence.  When we have a network of useful websites, they will serve as Ad Spots which we normally spend money for.  When you don’t have to spend money on these things you have more money and lot of time to do the real thing, that is developing useful websites.

Basing the whole Organization on Generic Domains is nothing but understanding how Human Mind works. This is not Rocket Science. Another thing of note is the percent of Generic Domains that are not developed.  I try to be conservative when I talk about this number.  Approximately only 10% of domains that are registered are developed into websites. We can do better than that. They are registered because People see value, People dream, People prepare themselves with a great domain name for their future business, People make money out of parking revenues; all of these are genuine reasons.  My reason is I wish to develop as many as I can using my ideas, methodologies along with those of partners and also by adapting and improving what others have done before me.

Like everything else it takes time for a seed to germinate and grow into fruiting tree, I am no different and Bharat Internet is no different either.

This is what I am trying to accomplish and what I mentioned above is an overview of it. I will not talk about what next and how it is done, I am a businessman and it is up to you to figure this out(This is for the curios minds). I will post updates as needed on this blog. Thanks for reading.

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